Thursday, 11 July 2013


So here is a review on Vaseline's "Healthy White Lightening Visible Fairness Instant Fair Lotion"...poooofffff!!!!!! Quite a mouthful eh...???

This body lotion, apart from moisturization, promises "instant-fairness".

Well the product promises an instant brightening/lightening of your skin (a la' fair-n-lovely), and yes it does deliver, but not 4times the original skin color. It probably brightens rather than lightening your skin instantly.
The product is milky pink in color and is neither too thick nor too thin, just perfect. It has brightening minerals, yougart serum, Vitamin B3 and Sunscreen (SPF not mentioned)and Perfume!!

It costs INR 190 for 300 ml

That said, I am not really impressed with this product. Infact, I have never been impressed with any of the Vaseline Body Lotions except for the cocoa butter one (that one really does moisturize!!)

This one, probably because of its instant fairness thing falls flat on moisturizing, the main job of a body lotion.
It can be easily compared to the Ponds  Triple Vitamin body lotion (which actually moisturizes better and costs INR 135 for 300 ml) at best.

Another thing I would like to point out is. it is full of silicone and parabens, so another minus for this.

Only pro that I see is its one of the cheaper body lotions available, and you might just like the brightening effect (which is almost negligible).


I am not sure if I am going to buy it again. My first impression of this product is "not impressed".
The advert is very misleading. No, it will not make your skin that fair!! But it is a decently average product.
I just don;t like the amount of parabens it has.
You may try it if you wan't, who knows, might work for you.,..   :)

Till next time girls...xoxo

Yea!!!...I totally forgot to write ...I got a Pond's White Beauty facewash free with it...   :)


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