Tuesday, 6 August 2013


So Lakme kind of got bit late for the BB cream parade. Never the less, it redeemed itself by launching the first drugstore CC cream in India!
If you want to know the difference between BB, CC and DD cream (Yep...there is a DD too, and I hope it will hit India soon) in detail, you can google it... :P , here I have a little difference table so you can have a rough idea.

  • Asian import. 
  • BB creams provide coverage with added skin care benefits like SPF, anti-oxidants, wrinkle repair, brightening/lightening, anti-pigmentation etc. 
  • Lighter than foundation but heavier than tinted moisturizers. 
  • They have thick texture (or atleast they are supposed to have- traditionally)


  • CC stands for “color correcting” and the products are meant to address issues like redness, blotchyness or sallowness. 
  • It usually has light-diffusing particles.
  • They have more of a whipped, light, fluffy feel and finish–kind of the new and improved BB.
  • Is supposed to have higher coverage than a BB cream.


And now get ready for DD creams ** JESUS!!**

  • A “Dynamic Do-All” cream. 
  • Apparently, a BB/CC hybrid.
  • So benefits of BB+Coverage of CC. **rolls eyes**...now why they did not think of it before?? Hmmm??

Anyways, there are 23 more alphabets left in the English language. So carry on...AA, EE, FF, EE, ZZ, KK...whatever...in the end we all will be going YY...or why GOd Why??!!!! :P

Onto the Lakme CC cream. It has a pretty pleasing packaging. A cute hot pink cuboid box, with a beige-y gold or dull gold, you might say,  plastic tube with matte finish.With a shiny, metal finish/look silver cap.  Design is a win. Pretty and classy.

Lakme has definitely improved itself drastically. It has held its own despite the avalanche of international brands on Indian territory. Despite having notoriously higher prices than the very American Maybelline, it has survived.

But I never fell in love with any of its products. I sure liked a few Lakme Absolute products, they were not innovative enough.
But, here, with this CC Cream, Lakme has outdone itself.
Yes, the Lakme CC cream has hit the bulls eye!!

They have come up with this amazing product, with medium to high(buildable) coverage, with decent staying power(more with a primer), a pretty good texture, in a 30 ml pack, with price just INR 250/-. I am really enjoying this CC Cream.

The texture is way better that one of my favourite drugstore brand BB cream ie Maybelline. It has a definite whipped feel to it. It is much lighter, and has more coverage. It did not settle into the fine lines, did not make my skin dryer or oilier, gave a smooth and almost flawless finish. 

The only downside may be the limited color choice, though, I found my match in Beige.

All good things - 

  • Nice texture.
  • Pretty cheap.
  • Better that Maybelline BB cream in coverage, value for money and quantity for money.
  • Good packaging.
  • Lasts for 4-5 hrs minus primer ( for the price, lasting power is pretty good)
  • Conceals pretty well.
  • Did not break me out.
  • Has SPF of 20.
  • Great for casual/college wear.
  • Travel friendly.

The Bad - 
  • I do not like the smell. All Lakme products have that smell....hate it!!
  • Lack of color choice.
  • Dicothemine might not suit some.

Rating - 8.5/10


  1. Great review Subha! I am about to buy this soon :)

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    Cherry On Top

  2. Nice review Subha :) I'm yet to try it !!

    New follower!! :)

  3. thanx!!
    following you back dear! :)

  4. Thanx SB!..following u back :)

  5. I am yet to try this out.
    It is a let down to see this doesn't have PA++. And I am sorry but I missed out on what kind of skin do you have? I hope this bream fairs well on oily skin.

    You have got a lovely blog hun :D


    1. thanks Karishma!...i love ur blog!
      hmmm...I have a reactive skin...sometimes dry sometimes oily!
      I think this one might not work for oily skinned ladies...it does go greasy on me after a few hours...and I need to powder... :)


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